G=Guitar Tab, B=Bass Tab, D=Drum Tab

How To Read Guitar/Bass Tab

Kill 'Em All Hit the Lights G B
The Four Horsemen G B
Motorbreath G B D
Jump in the Fire G B
(Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth B D
Whiplash G B
Phantom Lord G B
No Remorse G B
Seek and Destroy G B
Metal Militia G B

Ride The Lightning
Fight Fire With Fire G B
Ride the Lightning G B
For Whom the Bell Tolls G B D
Fade To Black G B
Trapped Under Ice G B
Escape G B
Creeping Death G B D
The Call of Ktulu G B

Master Of Puppets
Battery G B
Master of Puppets G B
The Thing That Should Not Be G B
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) G B D
Disposable Heroes G B
Leper Messiah G B
Orion G B
Damage, Inc. G B D

Garage Days
Helpless G B
The Small Hours G B
The Wait G B
Crash Course in Brain Surgery G B
Last Caress G B
Green Hell G B D
Run to the Hills G B D

...And Justice For All
Blackened G B
...And Justice For All G B D
Eye of the Beholder G B
One G B
The Shortest Straw G B
Harvester of Sorrow G B D
The Frayed Ends of Sanity G B
To Live is to Die G B
Dyers Eve G B

Enter Sandman G B D
Sad But True G B D
Holier Than Thou G B D
The Unforgiven G B
Wherever I May Roam G B
Don't Tread On Me G B D
Through the Never G B
Nothing Else Matters G B D
Of Wolf and Man G B
The god That Failed G B D
My Friend of Misery G B D
The Struggle Within G B

Ain't My Bitch G B
2 X 4 G B D
The House That Jack Built G B D
Until it Sleeps G B D
King Nothing G B
Hero of the Day G B
Bleeding Me G B
Cure G B
Poor Twisted Me G B
Wasting My Hate G B
Mama Said G B D
Thorn Within G B
Ronnie G B
The Outlaw Torn G B

Fuel G B D
The Memory Remains G B D
Devil's Dance G B D
The Unforgiven II G B
Better Than You G B
Slither G
Carpe Diem Baby G
Bad Seed G
Where the Wild Things Are G
Prince Charming G D
Low Man's Lyric G B D
Attitude G B
Fixxxer G B

Garage Inc.,
Disk 1
Free Speech for the Dumb G D
It's Electric G B
Sabbra Cadabra G
Turn the Page G B D
Die, Die My Darling G
Loverman G
Merciful Fate G
Astronomy G
Whiskey in the Jar G
Tuesday's Gone G
The More I See G

Disk 2
Helpless G B
The Small Hours G B
The Wait G B
Crash Course in Brain Surgery G B
Last Caress/Green Hell G B
Am I Evil? G B
Blitzkrieg G B
Breadfan G
The Prince G
Stone Cold Crazy G
So What!! G B
Killing Time G
Overkill G
Damage Case G
Stone Dead Forever G B
Too Late Too Late G

Riffs That You Won't Find In Tab Books riffs that Metallica has played live in concert, and on bootlegslike Live Shit: Binge and Purge and the Metclub Fancan

Live Shit: Binge&Purge
Mexico City
Accoustic Intro to "The Unforgiven" (live) G
Jason's Mexico Solo B
Funeral Dance of a Marionette (Hitchcock Theme) G
Dazed and Confused G B
Blues Jam G B
Smoke on the Water G

San Diego
Moby Dick B
Walk This Way G
In the Hall of the Mountain King G
Mistreated G
Star Spangled Banner G B

Little Wing G

Fan Can 1
Back in Black G
Down in a Hole G
Don't Touch Me There G
Nuns Have No Fun G
Black Night G B
Into the Coven G
Corpse Without A Soul G
Nightmare (Be Thy Name) G
Come Kingdom Lie G
Devil's Eyes G

Other Stuff
Accoustic Intro to "The Unforgiven" (studio) G
Accoustic "The Four Horsemen" G
Are You Gonna Go My Way G
Bass Jam 1 B
Bass Jam 2 B
Bellz (The Irony of it All) G
Black Magic G
Breaking the Law G
Burn G
Cat Scratch Fever G
The Chase is Better Than the Catch G
Cold Gin G
The Cowboy Song G
Custard Pie G
Detroit Rock City G
Donnington 95 Riff G
God of Thunder B
Hells Bells G
Highway Star G
Holier G
How Many More Times G
In My Time of Dying G
Iron Man G
It Ain't Like That G
La Bamba G
La Grange G
Linus and Lucy G B
London Dungeon G B
Let it Loose G
Man in the Box G
More Human Than Human G
My Sharona G
N.I.B. G
On the Hunt G
Poor Touring Me Solos G B
Postmortem G
Remember Tomorrow G
Return of the Vampire G
Stairway to Heaven G
Sucking My Love G
Sweet Home Alabama G
Symptom of the Universe G
Twist of Cain G
Welcome to the Jungle G
Youth Gone Wild G
Zero G
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